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Are You Bidding?

When was the last time you actually submitted a bid or answered an RFP: Request For Proposal? If the answer is "It's been a while" Here's why. At A.Riley Consultants we believe there are too many solutions for small business consultants and contractors. The government, unknowingly, floods the internet with countless resources. All leading to an endless effort to government contacting. Admit it, the struggle is real when you're not familiar with the research process. The second point, or some may argue, the first issue is knowing where to start.

After an EIN, Duns number, Cage and registration, The next step is considering small business certification: DOT DBE, MWBE, SDVOSB, WOSB, HubZone and 8(a).

Next up is research. When you don't know the process or where to find bids, try Feb Biz Opportunities or Team GA Marketplace. Start with exploring the website for free resources. FBO.GOV, for instance, has a page solely dedicated to "How to" demonstration videos. Do not skip these. In addition, always remember to register even when registration isn't required. Last but not least look for a contact person to aid in navigation. They're waiting for your call.

Although the Government has inundated us with information, be patient. It may take minutes, days or hours. Be tenacious and you'll get closer to bidding in no time. A.Riley Consultants is also here to help.

Consistency is Key

A.Riley Consultants

President and CEO, Ms. Riley

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